And back to Earth!

How many time did it happen to all of us? Just when you thought everything goes the right way. You are succesful, you are being awarded for your efforts and you are flying high, thinking of being invincible and all that. And then it strikes. You are hit by an invisible hand, punched in the gut, your lungs are gasping for air and your head is about to explode. You have been brought back to Earth and reminded that not all you do is that great. Why do I talk about this today? Well, after my TMA5 assignment results, I flew high, just to be smacked in the face hard when I got the latest assignment score.

To explain it all, I needed to submit a first draft (up to 1000 words) of my final end of module assignment. My medium of choice was a short story. I submitted proposal two months ago, and my tutor liked it. To my surprise, she criticised it all, made a lot of comments about too much telling, the need of editing, and telling again. Well, I don’t have to tell you I did not like it a bot. In my opinion, first draft is a rough sketch, maybe a little bit edited, but definitely not transformed into a finished piece, obviously something my tutor was after even though the guidance notes said ‘first draft’. I’ve emailed her back and queried the score. Her first response was dismissive, but I resisted and told her my opinion on what first draft means to me. She has promised to have a look at it again and remark. That was two days ago and I’m still waiting.

The disappointment has eased off a little, and I’m planning to spend the weekend writing, or at least one day as we are expecting a heavy rain again so no gardening for me here. So far I have been happy with mu OU studies and already registered for my fourth module starting February 2014, however, I feel the need of taking break from this whole business. So roll on 15th May. After that I can write whatever and whenever I want.


PS: I read somewhere that an average English person moans three times a day. Although I’m Czech I’m fitting the bill tonight 🙂


~ by Niina Erin on April 11, 2013.

2 Responses to “And back to Earth!”

  1. I’m with you…have definitely got essay-itus now and still two more to submit! Roll on June as you say, then a little relaxation before my next module.

  2. Hi Sally, what’s your next one module? Are you going for a degree? And if what kind? I opted for Open Degree, bit of a lazy choice but at least I can take on modules I like (or should like according to their description :-)).

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